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Device Doctor 5.3

It scans your computer and checks to see if there are new driver updates
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Device Doctor is a program that tries to help you find drivers or driver updates for your computer components. Unfortunately, it lacks too many basic features and you'll end up wasting time with it. Firstly, it forces you to download drivers one by one in a very repetitive and overly-complicated process: you have to select the device from the list, click download, wait for a web page to finish loading, click on a link, wait for a server response (which takes more time than usual) and possibly download a very large file. Normally, a driver finder lets you choose from a selection of software compatible with your devices. This is the biggest flaw this program has: it only offers what it considers to be the best driver it can find. You have no freedom of choice. If it finds a driver from Lenovo for your HP laptop wireless card, that's the only thing you can download. And sometimes it will force you to download a 600MB RAR file that packs 95% stuff you don't need plus your small setup file for your device.

Sadly, the only thing to say on the positive side is that sometimes, if you're lucky, this application may be of some use to you. For example if you have an unknown device, you scan with Device Doctor and the unique file it provides for you is exactly what you need (from the right manufacturer and not bundled with another 33 setup kits you don't need).

Alexandru Andrei
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  • Very easy to use


  • Only one driver result per component
  • Too much of a luck game with the drivers it finds
  • Sometimes your driver is contained in some huge driver pack
  • Program's setup installs additional software without requiring permission
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